Save the Date: A Day of Fun for a Cause!

Please join us for a fun filled day full of music, food, shows and fun! This yearly fundraiser is to help us support our Brothers and Sisters in need of a Guide Dog. This benefit is for Machinist Union Members and their family. We have a goal of raising enough funds to pay for the raising of at least one Guide Dog every year. This takes in upwards of $48,000; that cost includes the breeding, raising, and training of the dog, instruction for the guide dog user, and instruction for the guide dog team. Please support any way you can, donations will be accepted if you cannot join us for the event.

Guide Dogs 2019


Reminders for Members

Attention IAM Union Members

Have you moved or will be moving soon? Please notify the Union of your new address. You may call, fill out a form in person, or go to our Address Update page to update your information.

If you are unemployed, on medical leave, or terminated for the major portion of the working days in each calendar month, you can maintain your union membership by purchasing an out-of-work stamp for $2.00 per month. It is imperative that you do not let your dues get more than 2 months (60 days) behind, or your membership will lapse. You cannot purchase out-of-work stamps in advance.

You may purchase your out-of-work stamp at the union hall, or by mail between the 15th and 20th of the month. If you do not send your membership book, please include your full name, clock number or book number, and your correct address as we will send you a receipt and update your book. Please send this information to:

Earnest Boone, Secretary-Treasurer

7711 Clifford Street,

Fort Worth, TX  76108

Retirement Notification

If you have retired, or when you retire, please notify the Union, we will send you the appropriate form(s) to fill out to stay a member for life. Please call 817-246-5019. You will receive a retirement card in the mail confirming your retirement membership.


2019 IAM Scholarship Competition Is Now Accepting Applications – IAMAW

The 2019 IAM Scholarship Competition is now accepting applications. The competition is open to members of the IAM and their children throughout the United States and Canada under procedures and rules of eligibility explained in this announcement. The IAM Scholarship Fund, which is used exclusively to make possible these awards, was established by the delegates of the 1960 IAM Grand Lodge Convention.


There are three different Application Packets. Please choose the appropriate link below to apply for an IAM Scholarship. The Application Packet must be completed and postmarked by February 22, 2019.

  1. Children of members (college) ENGLISH FRENCH
  2. Children of members (vocational/technical school) ENGLISH FRENCH
  3. Members (college or vocational/technical school) ENGLISH FRENCH

Source: 2019 IAM Scholarship Competition Is Now Accepting Applications – IAMAW