District and Labor History

The IAM was established in Fort Worth, TX over 70 years ago. We are in the process of putting together historical displays of our history in the Auditorium Lobby. In these displays, we want to show case IAM District 776 memorabilia. If you have any items, papers, pictures you would like to donate or loan to the displays please get with the District staff.

Do you know District 776’s history? The Districts original history goes hand in hand with the companies who previously occupied the now Lockheed Martin premises in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Machinists Union and Labor has been the subject of many Thesis, College projects and books.

If interested IAM history is housed in the following places; if you know of anything to add, please let us know!

Choosing Fort Worth

Liberator Village

University of Texas at Arlingtion

TCU student project The Plant and The Playground

Lockheed Martin Share Your Story

The Portal to Texas History with an archive of pictures donated by Lockheed Martin when the plant was Convair and Consolidated Vaulte, General Dynamics and other Machinists Union related articles


Celebrating 75 Years of Innovation in Fort Worth – Lockheed Martin

A Brief History of Carswell AFB 

University of North Texas thesis: The Development of IAM District Lodge 776 in Fort Worth, Texas, 1942-1946: A Case Study in the Growth of Organized Labor During World War II by Kirk White


Memories of Liberator Village by Maurice G. Lambert

The Journal of Southern History – Article by Joseph Abel

The Labor Story by Texas AFL-CIO


White Settlement Historical Museum                                 
8320 Hanon Drive                                                                  
White Settlement, Texas 76108                                            
Phone: 817-246-9719 or visit the Website                          

Fort Worth Aviation Museum

3300 Ross Ave

Fort Worth, Texas 76106

Phone: (855) 733-8627 or visit the Website


Other IAM History:

The Fighting Machinists~ A Century of Struggle by Robert G. Rodden

Georgia State University and other digital IAM Collections

A List of other libraries for research