San Diego Unity & Growth Conference

Due to extraordinary interest in the Unity and Growth Conference, we have reached capacity and registration for the 2023 IAM Unity and Growth Conference (Sunday, Aug. 21 to Thursday, Aug. 24 in San Diego) has been closed since July 11, 2023. On-site registrations will not be accepted at the conference. In addition, registrations for General Vice President Mark Blondin’s retirement have been closed since July 31 and will no longer be accepted.

About the 2023 IAM Unity and Growth Conference
The 2023 IAM Unity and Growth Conference will train, educate and inspire IAM officers, staff, activists, and other leaders to organize new members in all sectors and continue to embrace and strengthen the diversity of our union. Morning plenary sessions will feature dynamic speakers and panels. In contrast, afternoon breakout sessions will include instruction on fresh organizing tactics and how communications, strategic research, legal matters, and diversity can help grow our union.

Breakout industry sectors include:
·         Aerospace and Service Contract Act
·         Automotive
·         Manufacturing and Shipbuilding
·         Wood, Pulp and Paper, and Natural Resources
·         Public Sector, Healthcare, and Non-Traditional Industries
·         Air Transport and Rail

Delegates will also convene in individual industrial sector meetings to discuss, review, and produce a proactive, strategic organizing plan. Each sector will report to the entire conference.

Reminders for Members

Attention IAM Union Members

Have you moved or will be moving soon? Please notify the Union of your new address. You may call, fill out a form in person, or go to our Address Update page to update your information.

If you are unemployed, on medical leave, or terminated for the major portion of the working days in each calendar month, you can maintain your union membership by purchasing an out-of-work stamp for $2.00 per month. It is imperative that you do not let your dues get more than 2 months (60 days) behind, or your membership will lapse. You cannot purchase out-of-work stamps in advance.

You may purchase your out-of-work stamp at the union hall, or by mail between the 15th and 20th of the month. If you do not send your membership book, please include your full name, clock number or book number, and your correct address as we will send you a receipt and update your book. Please send this information to:

Garry Kennemur, Secretary-Treasurer

7711 Clifford Street,

Fort Worth, TX  76108

Retirement Notification

If you have retired, or when you retire, please notify the Union, we will send you the appropriate form(s) to fill out to stay a member for life. Please call 817-246-5019. You will receive a retirement card in the mail confirming your retirement membership.