776F Planners Negotiation Update

Lockheed has made the following Non-Economic Proposals.

Recognition_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article One_Preamble_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Two_Recognition_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Three_Management_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Four_Security_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Five_Job Classifications Wages and Shift Differentials_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Six_Hours of Work Overtime and Holiday Pay_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Seven_Vacation Personal Business and Bereavement Leave_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Eight_Leaves of Absence_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Nine_Seniority_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Ten_Strikes and Lockouts_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Eleven_Union Representatives_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Twelve_Grievance Procedure_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Thirteen _Union Activities_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Fourteen_Inventions_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Fifteen_Accidents and First Aid_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Sixteen_Jury Duty_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Eighteen_Assignability_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Nineteen_Shift Transfers_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Twenty_Per Diem Travel and Mileage Allowance_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Twenty Five_Equal Opportunity_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Twenty Six_Duration_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Appendix C_Employees on Travel Status_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Appendix H_Memorandum of Understanding No 2_Rewards

Appendix H_Memorandums of Understanding_No3_Machinist Custom Choice_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Appendix H_Memorandum of Understanding No 5_Attendance Control Program_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Appendix H_Memorandums of Understanding No 6_VSIP_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Appendix H_Memorandum of Understanding_No 7_FITU EarlyRetirement_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Appendix H_Memorandum of Understanding_No9 VSERM Incentives_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Guide Dogs Of America Charity Event

                    Participate in the 7th Annual                  

Bob Martinez Jr. Invitational Golf Tournament

October 5, 2019

Guide Dogs of America: The Difference Maker

Help Make the Difference in the Lives of Blind or Visually Impaired Men and Women

Take part in the Annual Bob Martinez Invitational Golf Tournament in the Fort Worth/Dallas area which supports the Guide Dogs of America Fundraiser. This year’s event will be hosted at Squaw Creek golf course at Willow Park.

Your contribution of time, raffle prizes, and/or money helps us provide guide dogs free of charge to blind or visually impaired men and women. With the gift of a guide dog, these men and women are better prepared to pursue their goals, fulfill their dreams, and participate in their communities. Guide dogs not only provide increased confidence, independence, and mobility to their user, but also provide opportunities for social interaction, as the guide dog is a trusted companion. Help make a difference in the life of a blind individual by providing a four-legged partner to help them in their walk through life.


Why Give? Guide Dogs of America is a non-profit organization (GDA Federal ID# 95-1586088) that is supported by generosity of individuals, foundations, corporations and other organizations in our mission to provide loyal and loving guide dogs to blind and visually impaired individuals.

With the majority of the funds going directly to program services you know your donation spent to fulfill our goal of providing guide dogs. We do not receive any funding from local, state, or federal governments.

The cost to provide a guide dog to a blind individual is approximately $42,000. With the generosity of individuals such as you, we have been able to provide over two thousand dogs to recipients free of charge. Your gifts help us fulfill our mission and reflect your own personal desire to help others live more independently with the loving partnership of a guide dog.

To be a Sponsor please fill out the GuideDogs2019 information form and return.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Paul Black

President/ DBR of District Lodge 776