Organizing Rights

Do You Know Your Right to Join the Union is Protected By the U.S. Government?
The Government of the United States of America enacted a Federal Law which protects and guarantees employees’ rights to form a union. This Statue is commonly referred to as the Taft-Hartley Act, or the National Labor Relations Act. Since the enactment of this law, millions and millions of employees have voted, through secret ballot elections conducted by our Federal Government, to form (join) a union to increase their wages, improve their benefits, better their working conditions and to obtain JUSTICE ON THE JOB… SECURITY FOR THEIR FAMILIES.

• You have a right to join the union and ask others to join.
• You have a right to attend union meetings and ask others to attend.
• You have a right to wear a union button, or clothing, on the job so long as the item doesn’t carry any controversial slogan or compromise your safety.
• You have a right to give out union leaflets to other employees on your own time away from company property.
• You have the right to do anything to help get the union going so long as you don’t interfere with work or violate announced company policy.
U.S. Federal Laws, prohibit Employers and Supervisors from engaging in any of the following activities during an Organizing Drive:
• They cannot tell employees that they will fire or punish them if they engage in union activity.
• They cannot lay-off or discharge any employee for union activity.
• They cannot bar employee union representatives from soliciting cards or membership forms during non-work time, in non-work areas.
• They cannot ask employees about confidential union matters, for example, whether you have signed a card, etc.
• They cannot ask employees about whether they support the union or a union representation election.
• They cannot ask employees how they intend to vote.
• They cannot threaten employees or coerce them in an attempt to influence their vote, or to prevent them from voting.
• They cannot tell employees that their existing benefits will be terminated if the employees vote for a union.
• They cannot promise or give employees promotions, raises or other benefits if they vote against the union.
• They cannot prevent you from casting your vote.
• They cannot know how you voted.