776F Planners Negotiation Update

Lockheed has made the following Non-Economic Proposals.

Recognition_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article One_Preamble_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Two_Recognition_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Three_Management_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Four_Security_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Five_Job Classifications Wages and Shift Differentials_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Six_Hours of Work Overtime and Holiday Pay_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Seven_Vacation Personal Business and Bereavement Leave_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Eight_Leaves of Absence_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Nine_Seniority_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Ten_Strikes and Lockouts_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Eleven_Union Representatives_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Twelve_Grievance Procedure_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Thirteen _Union Activities_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Fourteen_Inventions_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Fifteen_Accidents and First Aid_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Sixteen_Jury Duty_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Eighteen_Assignability_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Nineteen_Shift Transfers_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Twenty_Per Diem Travel and Mileage Allowance_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Twenty Five_Equal Opportunity_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Article Twenty Six_Duration_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Appendix C_Employees on Travel Status_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Appendix H_Memorandum of Understanding No 2_Rewards

Appendix H_Memorandums of Understanding_No3_Machinist Custom Choice_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Appendix H_Memorandum of Understanding No 5_Attendance Control Program_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Appendix H_Memorandums of Understanding No 6_VSIP_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Appendix H_Memorandum of Understanding_No 7_FITU EarlyRetirement_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)

Appendix H_Memorandum of Understanding_No9 VSERM Incentives_Company Pass1 (9.16.2019)