Update 6/27

We met with the company several times today, speaking mostly on mutual agreements still outstanding. The company told us that they planned to give us their second economic proposal some time tomorrow afternoon.

Loren Almeroth, IAM economist from headquarters’ Strategic Resources Department, arrived yesterday and is now at the table on the Union side. He will be here for the duration of the economic negotiations, crunching the numbers on the company proposals.

Keep the date – we will be presenting the company’s proposal at 10 AM on July 9th at Will Rodgers Coliseum. The Firemen and the Nurses will meet at the Union Hall.

LM Economic Proposals

Lockheed Martin Comprehensive Economic Benefits 6/23/16

Lockheed Martin Economic Wages 6/23/16

We received the company’s first Comprehensive Economic Proposal today, and here it is. Of course, this is their first proposal, but there’s several things that worries us. First and foremost is what everyone is concerned about – their plans for our Defined Benefit Pension Plan. Their proposal says, in big letters, TO BE DETERMINED.

Well, we believe they’ll find our membership is pretty determined. Stay tuned!

Next is their obvious plan to further turn our bargaining unit into the haves and have-nots. Four years ago, they carved the new hires out of a pension, and this proposal has several places where they will now give the future new hires less than current employees.  They want to refuse a choice in health care for new hires, forcing them instead onto the very unpopular LM Healthworks, while giving current employees a choice. Then they want to deny new hires the cost-of-living payments.

It’s a not-so-transparent attempt to downgrade future employees.

Folks, these were good jobs for our grandparents, for our parents, and we want these to remain good jobs for our children.

They need to hear from you in the shop that we don’t want a two-tier workforce! While there is time to fix some of this, time is starting to run out, too.

We will be meeting the company in the morning to give them a new counter-proposal.

Daily Update Tuesday 6/21

We continue to meet with the company over many of our non-economic issues still outstanding. We’ve done much work on Article 7, Grievance and Arbitration Procedure. Both sides believes that we need to work to improve the procedure, but while we are trying to streamline it, it seems the company wants to make things more complex.
We have asked for the Company’s Counter to the Union’s Economic Proposal, but they are dragging their feet. We hope to get their proposal by the end of the week.
Due to the Israeli rollout at Lockheed tomorrow, we will not be meeting with the company again until Thursday morning, but your Committee will be working on preparing counter-proposals to present Thursday on key non-economic issues, including Seniority and Hours-of-Work provisions.
We need everyone to fill out a strike survey. If you haven’t gotten one yet from your Union Steward, you can fill them out online, on your computer or on your phone at the Strike Survey Link.