6-1 Update

Company Proposal

The company made some movement today. We now have our health care choices on the table, although the cost share is certainly not acceptable. Obviously wages and the pension aren’t where they must be either.

Your Negotiating Committee feels there is still a lot of ground to cover before they give us their final offer. We will be working this weekend to put a counter-proposal together, and will be presenting it Tuesday morning. We will see you then!

But we want our members to enjoy ALL THREE DAYS of this IAM-negotiated holiday weekend! Have great time with your families!

Today’s IAM Economic Proposal

We passed our new economic proposal to the company this afternoon. It was obvious by the company’s attitude they still aren’t taking this membership seriously on our key issues. Your Committee is very concerned about the company’s dismissive attitude at the table when we tried to convey how important these issues are to you. From their actions today, we don’t believe the company is serious about reaching an agreement that your Committee can recommend.

It’s TIME to let the company know how serious you are about your issues. It’s TIME to REALLY let your voice be heard. Time is short, and this company needs a wake-up call!

How about this – maybe the company needs a re-set themselves!

Update Tuesday 6/28

Today we received the company’s second economic offer. While the offer does show positive progress, we aren’t there yet. The Committee is pleased that the company has decided not to attempt to freeze the pension, and gave some positive movement, although there is still a ways to go. The company also decided to drop its plan for forced overtime, and that’s a positive move, too.

Your Committee believes these moves are because your voice has been heard on the shop floor by the company, and they know you are behind your Committee.

As we move forward, your Committee believes that while there are many important issues still outstanding, the Committee is focusing on the most important issues from the surveys, including increased wages, improving our pensions, keeping health care choice and cost control.

Note that in the company offer, if it says “T/A”, that means “Tentative Agreement”, that both sides have agreed and set aside for the moment those items. Everything else remains open for further negotiation.

We also discussed Article 7, Grievance Procedure.

This pass was a step forward in some areas. Please keep up the pressure in the shop, because the only way we can bring an offer to you that this Committee can recommend is with your help and support.