Tuesday 7/5 Update

Union Wages counter-proposal

Union Benefits counter-proposal

Brothers and Sisters,

We are posting our final counter to the company, both the wages and benefits portion.

The company has indicated they will give their Last, Best and Final offer some time tomorrow. We will post it when we get it.

Your Committee has had a lot of questions about the length of contract we’re looking at. There are several reason we’ve decided to look at a longer-term contract.

In many contracts these days, companies come after our health care and pension benefits.

Each and every negotiations it’s a battle. If we get a good pension that isn’t frozen for the full six years, that’s a good thing, when pensions are getting frozen left and right across the nation. To keep good insurance with a good cost share for the entire time is also a good thing.

Provided the company can provide what our membership needs, a longer term would be in our best interests. This ensures financial security for our members, and our insurance choices and rates and unfrozen pension locked in for nearly six years.

We hope this helps clear things up.

6-1 Update

Company Proposal

The company made some movement today. We now have our health care choices on the table, although the cost share is certainly not acceptable. Obviously wages and the pension aren’t where they must be either.

Your Negotiating Committee feels there is still a lot of ground to cover before they give us their final offer. We will be working this weekend to put a counter-proposal together, and will be presenting it Tuesday morning. We will see you then!

But we want our members to enjoy ALL THREE DAYS of this IAM-negotiated holiday weekend! Have great time with your families!