Contract Offer

Company Offer 

Brothers and Sisters,

We have received Lockheed Martin’s Last, Best and Final Offer.

We used the surveys as a guide for these negotiations. Your most important issues were wages, retirement and insurance choices and cost containment, and those were the issues we worked hardest on.

All the committees, including the Firefighters and Nurses, always have a hard decision to make, and this was a tough negotiation.

To begin, we now have THE industry-leading pension plan. NO company pension plan has $100 per month per year of service. Not only that, the pension is unfrozen for the life of the contract. Plus, we improved the 401(k) for those who don’t have the pension.

We were able to keep our insurance choices and cost shares for current employees, again, for the life of the contract.

With the wages and bonuses, this gives us good wages through the life of the contract.

The longer term of the agreement means financial security and locks in our health care and pension for the next six years! Your Negotiating Committee, District Staff and International Staff recommends ACCEPTANCE of this agreement.